Mesquite Technologies Inc. Acquires OspreyData Inc.

Mesquite Technologies Inc. and OspreyData Inc. have announced that Mesquite Technologies has acquired OspreyData, an artificial lift production optimization software company.

“Operators seek integrated and intelligent solutions to improve safety and oil production output,” said Joe Navar, CEO of Mesquite Technologies. “When we demonstrated potential capital returns achieved by incorporating the combined Osprey platform and our highly engineered equipment into producing fields, operators were ecstatic. We closed the acquisition and got to work.”

Mesquite Technologies plans to incorporate OspreyData into the Taproot product line which combines machine learning with intelligent control equipment intended to improve safety, production output, and profitability for oilfields in artificial lift production. Allowing operators to better control their wells remotely and more effectively.

Headline Image: From Left to Right: Troy Poage (Mesquite Technologies VP of Sales & Operations), Joe Navar (Mesquite Technologies Founder & CEO), Ed Cowsar (OspreyData CEO), John Renfroe (OspreyData CTO)