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Whether your goals are to maximize production, lower LOE, or raise productivity, Taproot’s platform and services are here to lift your operations to new heights of intelligence and efficiency.

Our Impact

Production Optimization

Taproot lets you work smarter without working harder. Our innovative workflow platform automates the optimization process across hundreds of wells, generating real-time operational recommendations to improve yields and help operators manage more wells with precision and ease.

Well Performance Assessment

Mesquite’s team of experts conducts thorough performance assessments to uncover operational issues and implement cutting-edge solutions powered by Machine Learning. With our in-depth investigations and data-driven intel, you can identify problems quickly and take action to mitigate or eliminate them, keeping your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

Data Health Assessment

We understand the challenges our customers face in wrangling data from SCADA providers and historians. We offer a comprehensive Data Health Assessment, profiling and scoring your data according to rigorous criteria customized to your field’s specific needs.

Feature Benefit
Advantage and ROI

Artificial Lift

Engineered for the evolving conditions of the industry, and customizable to a range of products, our solutions help maximize the return on investment (ROI) for our customers. We design our products with careful consideration for weight and size while maintaining material integrity, allowing for easy installation and fast start-up.


Taproot production data software taps into the power of Machine Learning to detect production anomalies and automate well optimization at scale, resulting in significant cost savings, improved safety, and increased ROI. That’s SCADA integration.


Our customers appreciate the value of Taproot’s easy-to-use interface and user-friendly training, making it accessible to a wide range of oilfield operation scales. Taproot’s mobile version ensures our customers have real-time access to data and insights at their fingertips, on the go. Whether you’re monitoring one well or one thousand, we make it easy for customers to manage and act upon their operations efficiently.

Environmental Responsibility and Initiatives

It’s one thing to be notified of a leak or a potential hazard to the environment, and it’s another thing entirely to be able to take action in real-time to mitigate further damage or loss. At Mesquite Technologies, we aim to transform upstream oil production into a socially and environmentally sustainable energy generation source by eliminating waste and improving operational control in artificial lifts.

Remotely address operating equipment quickly
Recondition and refurbish hardware to reduce emissions and improve efficiency
Reduced overall

Delivering unprecedented results and superior artificial lift performance at the intersection of smart software and advanced lift equipment.